Go Admirals!

George Dewey High School in Subic Bay, Philippines may be closed, but the legacy still lives on. We want to welcome everyone to the website to our grand reopening. Thank you all for being patient as we have been working on a much needed rebuild of the site. This website has been established to keep the Admirals spirit alive. Welcome aboard to the GDHS Alumni website and feel free to explore, connect and share!

Save the Globe

For almost 3 decades the globe, the symbol of the school, has been rusting in a field of weeds being theatened to be torn down and removed. Our fellow Alumni Ruben Pandes with the help of Danny Piano of Absolute Services in Subic are restoring the globe to its original spendor. Please help the restoration process by contributing to the GDHS GLOBE PROJECT. Thanks Ruben!

Globe Update

Thought I'd add some update photos of the globe's restoration. Thanks to all who contributed to the restoration to the globe. Your efforts are awesome! And to those who haven't contributed, please consider helping to reach the goal. Click to enlarge.


There are now reunions in Branson, Las Vegas, San Diego and even Subic Bay! Visit the EVENTS section to find out more.

2015 GDHS Newsletter

All Morel and his group have put together their latest endeavor, the GDHS Newsletter for 2015. It's a yearly look at the news regarding GDHS and Alumni. The newsletter looks pretty well put together and is always looking for contributors to upcoming issues. Visit them at: GDHSNEWS.com

Roy Keiser RIP

Sad news. We just learned that Mr. Roy Keiser just passed away this March 10. We just lost Mrs. Janet T. Keiser, and now Mr. Roy Keiser. Our deepest condolences to the family.